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Bikna is a village in Bankura-II Block in Bankura District of West Bengal. The history of the Dokra artists in Bikna is about 150 years old. A group of craftspeople at that time migrated from Chotonagpur region and settled to Rampur beside Bankura. Over the time Bikna has become a hub Dokra artists and their habitation is known as Shilpadanga. 

Bankura is the nearest railway station and is 3 km away from Bikna. Bankura is well connected to Kolkata and can be reached by train in 4 hours. It takes approximately 3.5 hours to reach Bikna by car from Kolkata. 

Presently 163 craftspeople including women in 58 families are associated with this ancient tradition. They are from community known as 'Karmakar' which means metal workers. The artists has organised themselves under a society called Bankura Bikna Hastajata Dokra Kutir Shilpa Kalyan Samity which was set up in 2013.  

Bikna, The Village with a touch of Primeval

The famous Terracotta temples of Bishnupur takes about an hour and a half by road from Bankura. Mukutmanipur is known for its scenic beauty and is located at the confluence of rivers Kangshabati and Kumari. It is situated around 50 kms from Bankura. Around 6 kms away from Mukutmanipur, there is the Parasnath temple built in the 13th century. Panchmura, the another Rural Craft Hub of Terracotta and the village of about 270 Terracotta artisans is about an hour’s drive. Susunia Hills, 30 mins drive from Bankura is a trekker’s paradise.

There is a Community Museum to preserve and showcase the different aspects of Dokra art in Bikna. The Dokra artists of Bikna celebrate their annual festival known as Dokra Mela in the month of September. The festival took place on September 30-October 2, 2016 at Bikna. "Gajoner Mela" which is held during the last two days of the Bengali month "Chaitra" (mid March) is an important festival of this area.


The Common Facility Centre at Bikna


The Community Museum at Bikna


Folk performance in Dokra Mela at Bikna 


The little village becomes colourful during the festival


Mukutmanipur is known for its natural beauty

Bankura Bikna Hastajata Dokra Kutir Shilpa Kalyan Samity

Proprietor: Cooperative Society
Contact Person: Harendra Nath Rana
Treasurer, Bankura Bikna Hastajata Dokra Kutir Shilpa Kalyan Samity

Address: Bankura Bikna Hastajata Dokra Kutir Shilpa Kalyan Samity
Shilpa Danga, Bikna, 
District: Bankura,
Pin: 723152

The crafts persons in Bikna are organised under Bankura Bikna Hastajata Dokra Kutir Shilpa Kalyan Samity established in 2013. The key focus of the Samity is market linkage for the artisans and it has been successfully doing so. The Samity now has a Common Facility Centre with common work space, guest rooms, display and sale outlet supported by WBKVIB. Keeping in view the health and occupational hazards of the artists the Samity has installed a modern furnace with less effusion for casting of metal. It also provides the artists with necessary working capital support. The Samity organises the annual festival of the artists “Dokra Mela”.

Phone: 9932601095

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