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Panchmura village in Bankura district is famous for its traditional terracotta craft. Nearest railway station to Panchmura is Bishnupur, from where it takes nearly 45 minutes by road to reach the village. One can also reach the place by car in 5 hours from Kolkata.

There are around 450 craftspersons in Panchmura, Bibardha and Sendra village of Bankura. It is a family based tradition. All the craftspersons are Hindu by religion and belong to “Kumbhakar” caste. Making terracotta craft is the primary livelihood for most of the artists. The families have enough work which they carry out in an organised manner. Children are having proper education. The youth who have just completed their graduation are interested to carry on with Terracotta work. The craftspersons are enterprising and are also organised under a society. They have the capacity to innovate new design and try them out in the market.


Village of the Baked Earth, Panchmura

Panchmura, the hub of terracotta craft is very close to Bishnupur. It is famous for its 16 terracotta temples built by the Malla kings and dedicated to Lord Krishna. The temples fascinate the visitors with their architectural brilliance. Famous among them are: Rashmancha, Pancha Ratna temple, Jor Bangla and Madanmohan Temple. Another object of interest is the Dalmadal Cannon which is believed to have been used by the Malla kings in their battle with the Marathas. Mukutmanipur Dam is known for its scenic beauty and is at the confluence of rivers Kangshabati and Kumari.

The terracotta makers of Panchmra celebrates a 3- day annual fair called Terracotta Mela to showcase their creations to the visitors. Visitors can arrange their stay at Bishnupur. The next edition of the festival will be celebrated on November 4 - 6, 2016. While in Panchmura, one can visit the Common Facility Centre which houses the award - winning artefacts from the hub and know more about the craft of terracotta.





The Common Facility Centre at Panchmura


The Terracotta Mela at Panchmura


The family members engaged in craft making


Visitors check out the finished products at artists's home 


The iconic Terracotta horses 


Visiting Biharinath Hill is a must for the tourists

Panchmura Mritshilpi Samabay Samity Limited

Proprietor: Cooperative Society
Contact Person: Braja Nath Kumbhakar
President, Panchmura Mritshilpi Samabay Samity Limited

Address: Panchmura Mritshilpi Samabay Samity Limited
Village & P.O.: Panchmura, 
District: Bankura,
Pin: 722156
Email: rch.terracotta.panchmura@gmail.com

Panchmura Mritshilpi Samabay Samity Limited is formed by the craftspeople way back in 1959. One of the major functions of the Samity is to provide the right kind of clay for making the items. The society has a building of its own with display-cum-sale facility along with provisions for guest accommodation. It also provides marketing support to the artisans by participating in different fairs and festivals. The annual festival of the artisans Terracotta Utsav is organised and operated by the Samity. 

Phone: 9732035729

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