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Dariyapur village in Bardhaman is the hub of Dokra artisans who migrated from Odhisha and settled in this place about 120 years back. Guskara is the nearest railway station which is around 4 km away from Dariyapur. Bardhaman is around 45 km away from Dariyapur. Both the railway stations Bardhaman and Dariyapur are well connected through local as well as express trains from Kolkata (2.5 hours journey). One can also reach Dariyapur by car in 3 hours from Kolkata.

Dariyapur of Dignagar-II GP of Guskara block in Bardhaman district is a hub of Dokra craft and total 36 families comprising 133 artisans including women are involved with this ancient craft. Most of the craftspeople are from Karmakar community. Dokra craft making is the main livelihood of this community. 

Dariyapur, Bardhaman

Dariyapur in Bardhhaman District is one of the hubs of Dokra craft and is home to some marvellous craftsmen. While in Dariyapur, one can visit several places of interest in bardhaman district. The Krishnasayar ecological Park, close to Burdwan University, Ranisayar, a big and beautiful lake excavated by queen Brajakishori in the heart of the town is worth a visit. The Curzon Gate,a historical Monument constructed by Maharaja Bijoychand of Bardhaman to welcome Lord Curzon is an important landmark of the town. Uddharanpur, a village close by, resembles a fort and it is believed that the famous Naihati Fort was situated here. It is also noted for its 500 year old fair. Kogram is the confluence of rivers Ajoy and Kunur, Ujani, believed to be the Capital of Vikramaditya. Deulia, the beautifully constructed temple resembles the Orissa pattern of “Rekh” temples and is believed to be constructed in the 10th century.

A Folk Art Centre with workshop space, cooperative office, guest room for accommodation etc. is built in Dariyapur and managed by local community. The centre also has a dedicated space to preserve the heritage and showcase different aspects of Dokra art . Visitors can stay at the Folk Art Centre in Dariyapur or lodges in Guskara town.

The Dokra artists of Dariyapur celebrate their annual festival Dokra Mela in the month of September. This year the festival will be celebrated on October 13-15, 2017 at Dariyapur. ‘Makar Sankranti’ during 14-15 January is also an important festival of Dariyapur.


The Folk Art Centre building at Dariyapur 


Folk Art Centre displays the intricate Dokra pieces


A local artist showing his skills to the visitors


Artists set up stalls to display and sale their craft during mela


Baul performance during Dokra Mela at Dariyapur


Santiniketan is a famous tourist destination

Dariyapur Dokra Artisans' Co-operative Industrial Society Ltd.

Proprietor: Cooperative Society
Contact Person: Subho Karmakar
Secretary, Dariyapur Dokra Artisans' Co-operative Industrial Society Ltd.

Address: Dariyapur Dokra Artisans' Co-operative Industrial Society Ltd.
Village: Dariyapur, 
P.O.: Dariyapur,
District: Bardhaman,
Pin: 713128

Dariyapur Dokra Artisans' Co-operative Industrial Society Ltd. revived in 2014 and the revival can be marked as a success story for the artisan community. With young and doted persons as office bearers the society has progressed miles in terms of market linkage and skill upgradation. It has a building of its own with common work facilities including tools, guest accommodation, office room and a Community Museum. The society organised English training classes for the artisans as a part of their capacity building. It also supports the artisans with working capital as per necessity. The annual festival of Dokra artisans of Dariyapur “Dokra Mela” is also organised by the society.

Phone: 9153255955

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