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Ghughumari is 8 km away from Cooch Behar town. Cooch Behar is well connected by train and bus from Kolkata (12 hours journey). The nearest railway station is New Cooch Behar from where Ghughumari is 14 km by road. One can also reach Cooch Behar by flight. Bagdogra airport is 115 km away from Cooch Behar.

There are presently 14,000 families weaving Pati in Ghughumari and its surrounding area in Cooch Behar district. Among them around 527 craftspeople in 351 households in 9 villages are engaged in this craft in Cooch Behar I block alone. A number of families migrated from Tangail, Mymansingh and other areas of present day Bangladesh and settled in this region during and after the Partition of Bengal. They bought their age-old Pati weaving skill with them and survived using this craft. 

Generally men are engaged in growing and extracting fibre while women are mostly engaged in weaving. Among the craftspeople 90% belong to OBC category and call themselves as Patiwala. The Sitalpati weavers mostly have school level education and many have good quality of life. Young generation is completing school education and is going for college. The crafts persons live in brick houses with good electricity and sanitation coverage.

The Weaver's Village, Ghughumari

Cooch Behar is a place where one finds the remains of the Koch dynasty and also the traces of mythical elements related to the time of Mahabharata. There are many places to visit - like the Royal Palace, the magnificent Madan Mohan Temple, nearby Chilapata forest and the rivers. There is an interesting folklore related to Lord Krishna, his beloved Radha and the mats. 

A 3 day village festival named Sitalpati Mela is celebrated every year in the middle of January at Ghughumari. The next edition of this mela will be celebrated from January 20-22, 2017. A Common Facility Centre with workshop space and guest accommodation facilities has been set up at Ghughumari. One can visit the Community Museum managed by the local artist community. A range of hotels are also available in Cooch Behar town.


The Common Fcaility Centre at Ghughumari


The Community Museum 


The workshop at Ghughumari


The Cooch Behar Palace is a major attraction for the tourists 

Cooch Behar I No. Block Patishilpa Samabay Samity Ltd.

Proprietor: Cooperative Society
Contact Person: Gobinda Sarkar
Secretary, Cooch Behar I No. Block Patishilpa Samabay Samity Ltd.

Address: Cooch Behar I No. Block Patishilpa Samabay Samity Ltd.
Village: Dhaluabari,
P.O.: Ghughumari,
District: Cooch Behar, Pin: 736170


The Samity was established in 1999 at Ghughumari. The Samity has a building of its own with common work space, guest accommodation, meeting hall etc. The Samity organises a wholesale market called “Pati Haat” every week on Monday and Thursday at Ghughumari, where weavers sell their weekly produce to buyers and traders coming from local areas as well as from Assam etc. Besides, the Samity organises skill building workshops for artisans, provides market linkage opportunities and supports the artisans with tools and machineries whenever necessary. The annual festival of the Sitalpati artisans Sitalpati Mela is organised and operated by the Samity.

Phone: 9851185527

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