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Bhagabanpur block is the hub of Madurkathi weaving. Barbasudevpur which is the main centre in Bhagabanpur is located between Mecheda and Digha. The place is well connected to Kolkata by bus and takes about 3 hours to reach there. The nearest railway station is Bajkul (Deshpran railway station) which is almost 1.5 km away from the place.

Around 300 craftspersons are there in this block and its surrounding area. Most of the craftspersons are women. Majority of the craftspersons are Hindu by religion and belong to different castes like Maity, Maikap, Patra, Jana, Bera, Panda, Pradhan, Pradha, Gucchait, etc. Average age of the Madur kathi craftspersons is 37 years.

Bhagabanpur, East Midnapore

Madurkathi is a home-based craft of the area. While planning a visit to the village, one can plan around the Rashmela held in several places of Medinipur, which are arranged at the onset of winter season, Mahotsav Mela, Rajbari Chata Parab and Fair.

Visitors can plan a day trip to Pingla which is 1.5 hours drive from Bhagabanpur. At Pingla, tourists will love to discover the skills of making natural colours from different local vegetables, fruits and flowers. People with love for painting and vibrant colours can also learn the skills of making Patachitra with natural colours from the artists. One may also paint T-shirts, hand fan, sarees, mugs etc. and carry it home as a memento which will stay forever. One may like to take a stroll around the village meeting the artists and enjoying the beautiful wall murals. Home stay is available in Pingla.



Madurkathi weaving by the women is a familiar scene at Bhagabanpur


Woman weaving Madurkathi


Madurkathi weaving undergoes many processes that need organised efforts


The Finished Product

Proprietor: Cooperative Society
Contact Person: Ranjit Guchait
Secretary, Pragati Mat Unit

Address: Pragati Mat Unit
Barbasudevpur, Bhagabanpur,
District: Purba Medinipur, Pin: 721601


The society is run by the experienced craftspersons. There are individual business initiatives operated by small units having looms. Ranjit Guchait, Gour Mondal are renowned entrepreneurs making mats and mat based diversified products.

Phone: 9733486806

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