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Naya is the village of singing painters who practise the art of Patachitra painting. An intricate tapestry of music and visual art makes Naya, located at Pingla block in West Medinipur more than just a village. Naya is 120 kms from Kolkata and is well connected by train and bus. The nearest railway station is Balichak and it takes around 2 hours to reach Balichak from Howrah by the local trains. Naya is about half an hour's drive from Balichak. One can also reach the place by car in 3.5 hours from Kolkata. 

A decade back the art form was dying with only around 20 artists, but now Naya is a hub of more than 300 Patachitra artists. They have now formed a collective business. They are commissioned for variety of painting and interior decoration. Today they have a Common Facility Centre with office space, workshop area, guest rooms etc. to facilitate their craft making tradition and livelihood opportunities. The village has emerged as a destination for heritage education, with an annual fair named POT Maya and year round workshops held at the village Common Facility Centre.

The art of Patachitra painting has been a movement in the lives of the artists who crafted a socio-economic change in their villages by making the form as a tool for empowerment. Awareness about the need of education has increased and the artists have a good quality of life.

Pingla, Painting Stories

Visitors at Naya walk into a village where every house is a mini art gallery. The vibrant colours in the beautiful wall murals are a delight to the eyes. One can also enjoy the sylvan beauty of the forests in Jhargram and Kankrajhor. The stone temple of Sarbamangala in Garbeta and the jungle temples of Kanak Durga and Bankini Devi in Chikigarh are major place of tourist attractions. One can also visit the beautiful terracotta temples at Pathra and Malancha.

A Folk Art Centre is set up to preserve the tradition and showcase different types of Patas. Artists at Pingla have arranged for guest accommodation facilities. There are hotels and lodges in Balichak also.

Every year the Pingla artists celebrate their annual festival POT Maya in middle of November at Naya, Pingla. The next festival will be celebrated on November 11 - 13, 2016.


The Folk Art Centre building at Naya


Display of painted objects inside the Folk art Centre 


A local artist at his house


Visitors check out display cum sale stalls during POT Maya


The POT Maya Festival at Naya


Jhargram is a well-known tourist place


Proprietor: Cooperative Society
Contact Person: Montu Chitrakar
Secretary, Chitrataru

Address: Chitrataru 
P.O. & Village: Naya,
P.S.: Pingla,
District: Paschim Medinipur,
Pin: 721140

Crafts persons at Naya are organised under a cluster named “Chitrataru”. Chitrataru takes an active role in finding opportunities for sale, training of young crafts persons, organising the annual festival “POT Maya”, maintaining connections with buyers etc. A new Common Facility Centre has come up at Naya with common work space, exhibition gallery, guest accommodation etc. The collective also provides working capital support to artists on requirement.

Phone: 9733521335

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